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A Few of My Favorite Things…..

Here are a few things I LOVE on Etsy today:

Ling Glass

La Pomme

Illusion Fusion


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The Tooth Fairies Have Arrived…

Introducing the *newest* item in the Muselady Shop
Stitch-A-Wish Owl Tooth Fairy Pillows!

There’s a small pocket on the back of each owl that’s just the right size to safely tuck a tooth and a note into. The pillow can be hung from a door or bedpost or it can be placed under your child’s pillow.

Of course when your little one loses a tooth they’ve got to write a note to the Tooth Fairy so I’ve also included a cute “Dear Tooth Fairy” PDF template with each purchase. It prints four notes to a sheet – two pink & brown and two blue & brown.

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Sewing Day….

Today was supposed to be the very first day that I had a sitter for my son. I had such big plans to get SO much stuff done. But unfortunately she had to cancel because she had a cold. Bummer.
However I did manage to get a few things done. Here’s Izzy – he’s in the shop now.
And the tooth fairy pillows are on the way! Maybe that’ll be the next post…..

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Etsy Moms

I’m back from vacation and I just joined the Etsy Moms Street team!
Check out the beautiful treasuries on the blog!
I am off to work on some new things to add to my shop.

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Ode to E

One of my favorite little girls lost her first tooth the other day and she is the inspiration for this post!
I have been working on my own tooth fairy pillows for the Muselady Etsy Shop, but since they aren’t ready for a reveal I thought I would share these sweet, personalized, chenille pillows made by Tiny Green Apples.

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The Vintage Jewelry Box

Sorry for all these quickie posts but I have been down for the count this week with a fever! That, on top of taking care of my little one has slowed me down a bit.

But even the fever didn’t keep me away from Etsy! I found this lovely shop called The Vintage Jewelry Box and they’re right in Culver City!!

Check out their blog here.

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Thank You for Your Support!

I just love these. And….I wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support thus far with my new blogging venture. It’s been so much fun!

“Chick” it out….Pulcinotti Associati {lil’ chicks inc.}

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