love is in the air ~ valentine’s day

Each day I will add something new that I find during my daily surfing dose.

I thought I would start off with something close to home.
This Wine is Mine™ | “Be My Valentine” laminated pack:

Here’s something adorable for your home from SofaGarden:

And in keeping with the X’s & O’s theme from TastySuite:

I love these cards from FinaliDesign:


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This Wine is Mine!™ | modern wine glass markers

I’d like to introduce my new company, “This Wine is Mine!™.
Show off your love of wine & design with these modern wine glass markers!
Available now at my *new* Etsy shop!

The official site is coming soon.

Ever since I can remember I have MADE things. All sorts of things. I love the idea of taking something like fabric or paper and creating something out of “nothing”.

I love sewing, drawing, writing, good wine, cooking, reading and eating good food. I love to travel. I love spending time my husband and my son. My family and friends are THE most important thing in the world to me. Without them nothing would be as sweet.

“This WIne is Mine” was born from the combination of my love for wine and design. I love mixing colors and patterns and making beautiful things. I hope you enjoy them too!

{Available for wholesale too – just email me to inquire about the terms}

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A friend of my sister’s opened up a new store in her home town. She asked if I knew of any candle-makers on Etsy so I thought I would share my favorite finds with you as well.


gingerbread cookie | soy candle

Bazil Essentials:

jasmine rose | soy candle

Here are some simple votives & tealights too.
Polka Dot Candle Shoppe:

My Delightful Scents:

perfect for Valentine’s Day

While I’m at it here are some great candle holders too:
Jean Pelle Design:


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Doesn’t Your Computer Deserve to be as Well Dresses as You Are?

I am guilty of having THE ugliest, plain, boring, black computer case but I have always wanted a cute Acme bag or something similar. I just haven’t gotten around to getting one for one reason or another. So today I started searching around on Etsy…here’s what I found:

Janine King Designs:
How cute is this?

And this…

And this by Brokesy:

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Let the Classes Begin!

Just a quick update about some of the new classes on the current schedule. They begin on January 18th. I am still getting things ready to set up the studio. The address is 8674 Washington Blvd. in between Helms and Caroline.
Please join us and tell all of your friends in LA!

January 18th | Pleated Clutch (2 spots left!)

January 20th | Beginner Sewing (Intro to the Machine) (2 spots left!)

January 24th | Baby Quilt

And on that note, I must go because my sweet baby just woke up from a very LONG nap!
More to come…
Visit the site for more photos:

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Muse Sewing Workshops ~ Culver City

After taking a long break from teaching that involved getting married, having a baby and moving to LA, I’m happy to announce that Muse Sewing Workshops will be opening its doors again only this time in Los Angeles in January 2009!


I’ll be offering many of the same, great workshops that were offered in San Francisco as well as lots of new classes! There will be an emphasis on teaching beginner to intermediate private lessons and group workshops that are environmentally conscious without sacrificing style.
In these tough times my focus will be on teaching new skills, or helping improve on existing skills, that will save you and your family time and money!

Baby/Children’s Quilts:

Tote & Produce Bags:

Beginner | Throw Pillows:

If you’re in the area and want to sign up for a class or lesson please visit the website:

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k studio

I’m away on vacation right now but when I came across k studio in “Real Simple” magazine I just had to write a quick post about them to share with you!

I especially love the “family series” totes and pillows. It’s a take off on those bumper stickers that you see on cars (which, admittedly, I’ve never liked because why would you want to advertise to perfect strangers how many young children you have – maybe I’m just super-paranoid….) but this way you keep it in the privacy of your own home! I love it!

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